“…Rodger Collins, who had the hit “She’s Looking Good,” was more my friend. Rodger was an entertainer. He’d make a guitar talk like it was asking a question. He played a Strat and had a Fender Super Reverb amp that was big and loud. He was a guy I was watching, because he was further along down the path than I was. I heard his record at the rifle range when I was in the army. To jack everybody up, get them happy about shooting targets with real bullets, they’d put on “She’s Looking  Good.”…”

—John Fogerty with Jimmy McDonough, Fortunate Son, My Life, My Music, p.93, (2015 Little Brown and Company)

“…Yet “Stagger Lee” was not the biggest hit from I’m in Love. Pickett’s cover of a more contemporary R&B song, “She’s Looking Good” by Oakland’s Rodger Collins, took that honor. Like “Funky Broadway,” Collins’s original was built upon a simple groove. Unlike Dyke and the Blazers, Collins and his recording group had put in a first-rate recording, and there was little for Pickett and his band to improve upon—other than, as always, to make it harder and heavier…”

—Tony Fletcher, In  the Midnight Hour: The Life & Soul of Wilson Pickett, p.121 (2017 Oxford University Press)

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